I’m Xing ⚔ (like the sound a sword makes)
I am a UX Designer and Visual Storyteller
from Seattle, Washington.


^Fika (Under Construction)
Mitigating the cultural internalization of overwork and burnout

Service, Research, Behavioral Design, UI/UX

Enabling multiple caregivers to collaboratively monitor children’s early developmental growth

Product, UI/UX, Research

Simon Says
Leveling the playing field for socially avoidant and marginalized users in online multiplayer games

Research, Speculative Design

Objects Of
Reframing empathy to be more humbled through the mundanity of shared everyday objects

Visual Storytelling, UX, Behavioral Design

The Answering Machine
Patching visitors through to the life that goes on in at the School of Art

UI/UX, Interaction, Design Research

Digital Graffiti
An idealistic look into the future of augmented creative collaboration

Visual Storytelling, Speculative Design