"Fish Out of Water" is the 18th annual film produced by the University of Washington's Animation Capstone, a year long animation course that teaches students the entire film production pipeline.

For this film, I worked as a Teacher's Assistant who specialized in primarily in pre-production. I revised my role as lead character designer and worked closed with the director to create the human characters in this film.

Fish Out of Water won the
Global Shorts Award of Merit


2014  -  2015

Animation Capstone

Barbara Mones
Robert Forsberg
David Hunt


Teacher Assistant
Lead Character Designer
Concept Artist
Texture Artist

28 people

 Poster by Elizabeth Ong

Poster by Elizabeth Ong

Concept Art

A character design, alongside with story, begins at the very start of the production pipeline,  I started work as early as the Summer of 2014 in order to give time to the modelers and animators to work with the characters.

"Fish Out of Water" takes place in the 1950s and follows the story of an office worker, unhappy with where he is in life. The challenge in creating these characters was making this stylistically appealing all the while keeping their proportions within the confines of our team's rigging capabilities. I extensively researched shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and vintage cartoons in order to create characters that reflected their personalities and time period. 

Near the end of the production, I also worked on unwrapping and texturing a number of props and characters and creating additional material in order to help the art, modeling, and rigging teams meet their deadlines.