"Short Changed" is the 17th annual film produced by the University of Washington's Animation Capstone, a year-long animation course that teaches students the entire film production pipeline.

The Fall quarter is dedicated to introducing students to Maya and other tools needed to create assets for a film. At the same time, the film's story and pre-production are carried out alongside assignments and exercises. Then, from late Fall through the Spring Quarter, the classes functions as a development team in building assets, testing EFX, and refining story elements. The class would meet daily to review and discuss progress. Smaller teams would then break off to allocate tasks and produce material needed for the next meeting.

"Short Changed" was almost everyone's first introduction to using Maya and other 3D tools for a large production. It is through the helpful critique of consultants, TAs, and the director as well as countless iterations that we were able to successfully create "Short Changed".


2013 -  2014

UW Animation Capstone

Barbara Mones


Lead Character Designer
Concept Artist
Texture Artist
3D Modeler

26 people


Short Changed premiered at SIFF 2017 and is currently showing at film festivals across the country



 Poster by Zixing Guo & Amanda Zorianna Cook

Poster by Zixing Guo & Amanda Zorianna Cook

 Body model by Ben Schiffler & Erin Caswell

Body model by Ben Schiffler & Erin Caswell